Relatives are not chosen: Nazarbayev’s daughter-in-law kidnapped her own son-in-law

 The expert believes that Elbasy does not want to stand up for distant relatives in order to cover for their neighbors.

A year ago, the Nazarbayev family seemed untouchable in Kazakhstan. Now almost all the relatives of Elbasy either fled the country or are behind bars: the nephew is in prison, the matchmaker was detained on suspicion of corruption on a large scale, the younger brother was threatened with charges of raiding, but he suddenly fell ill, and so far he has been forgotten. Today, the anti-corruption service of the republic completed the investigation into the former daughter-in-law of Nazarbayev Gulmira Saty Balda. The woman is suspected of raider seizure of business and kidnapping.

According to the anti-corruption service, Gulmira Satybaldy, the management of the company Aria-Zhana Astana LLP controlled by her and unnamed officials of state bodies are accused of “embezzlement of budget funds allocated for the construction of facilities.” The amount of damage is more than 6.6 billion tenge (almost 1 billion rubles). The agency reported that this money was reimbursed to the state at the investigation stage.

In addition, the woman is suspected of raiding and organizing a kidnapping. His name is not called, but earlier several people made such accusations against Gulmira. One of them is her son-in-law Abai Zhunusov, writes “”. The man headed the construction organization BAUR Kazakhstan. On 14 February, Satybaldy and a group of people abducted him outside his home and took him to his company’s office.

“In the presence of numerous employees, Gulmira Satybaldy began to demand money from me in the amount of 5 billion tenge, allegedly withdrawn by me from the common business for seven years,” Zhunusov later shared in social networks. “If she did not comply with the requirements, she told me that “now we will go to the forest with representatives of the organized crime group, whose members numbered four people in the reception room of my office.”

Physical threats, psychological bullying in the form of verbal humiliation were accompanied by a simultaneous demand to rewrite the company. “

He was later held in his own home for 165 days until he agreed to rewrite his entire business to Gulmira Satybalda’s men.

“For two years from the moment of her crimes against me, I was silent, left without a business, without a family, without connections and without means of subsistence, but Gulmira Satybaldy does not leave me and my relatives alone, to this day fabricating criminal cases, and in every way hinders my life,” Zhunusov announced in the summer. “I decided to make her criminal deeds public to protect myself, my reputation and my family members from her persecution.”

About why Nursultan Nazarbayev did not stand up for any of his relatives, “MK” spoke with political scientist Andrei Grozin:

– By and large, he is not as influential as before. He is an honorary pensioner, as he said about himself before the January events, and if then it was a drawing, now, rather, the real situation. His legacy is being revised. And this is done not by bloggers in telegram channels, but almost in the state media. If they do not directly say that Nazarbayev did everything wrong, then they hint at it very transparently.

Tokayev is not interested in writing off Nazarbayev completely. But if the public actively and persistently demands to deal with him, then the president will have to do it, even if he does not want to. Nazarbayev understands this and will not stand up for some distant relatives whom he has broken through. There’s no logic to that. Someone from distant relatives will be “degreased”, someone will be punished, and passions will subside. After a while, Nazarbayev will be forgotten.

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