General Panag Has Abandoned Ethics & Military Solidarity to Score Political Points

On Sunday, October 8, Lt General H.S. Panag (retired) created a controversy on the body bags in which the bodies of 7 Indian soldiers killed last week in a helicopter crash in Arunachal Pradesh were rescued and brought back. Panag went to blame the authorities for not using proper body bags. Below is what he had to say on Twitter:

And further:

This was picked up by some journalists, too:

How wrong, unfair and in poor taste General Panag’s comments are have been pointed out by other commentators on Twitter:

Not only were General Panag’s claims put in context and in their place, but questions must be asked about thee retired militaryman’s motives behind saying what he has. As pointed out on social media itself, first the dead soldiers had to be rescued and transported. Thereafter, every protocol was observed and full military honour accorded to them.

Incidentally, in pushing his agenda, General Panag did not even bother to check what link he was asking people to check out to substantiate his case:

With the truth juxtaposed against General Panag’s agenda, it should be asked now just what Panag was trying to do.

Here is the answer: General Panag, now a political activist with AAP, has completely abandoned ethics and military solidarity just to malign it and score political points. There is no other explanation.

  • Tushar Kapila

    I voted BJP. but am glad this man brought this up. 1. our army does not
    have the best of treatment. .2. if a link says out of stock – that is
    when you clicked it, any e-commerce store can say that after people
    order their whole stock/ till they get more. its part of good service.
    so means nothing. its a sample URL, the great Indian army will see the
    details or get from elsewhere and order. but yes if u want to take away
    attn can find small details like this to swing mud, and divert attn from real issues. propaganda specialists.

  • Sunil Khorana

    All those who don’t have tacit military knowledge acquired over years of blood and sweat, please think before passing judgements from your air conditioned drawing rooms !!

  • Venish Rai

    Agree with Gen Panag. Body bags must be the norm now.